Do EveryDrop Filters Remove PFAS? An Expert's Guide

Amana refrigerators use EveryDrop filters to treat water. According to the EveryDrop website, its filters are certified to reduce potentially harmful contaminants, such as lead, pharmaceuticals and pesticides.


are not included in this list, however. The EveryDrop 10383251 filter has the capacity to reduce 28 contaminants, and is NSF certified for this purpose.

Brita and Pur water jugs are great for reducing the bad taste of chlorine and other contaminants, such as heavy metals. However, they were not designed to eliminate PFAS or reduce its concentration in tap water. If you're looking for a drinking water filter that reduces PFA, it should achieve this to an exceptional standard. Two types of filters are recommended: granular activated carbon (GAC) and reverse osmosis (RO) filters.

The Clearly Filtered water jug is a humble water jug filter that can remove nearly as many contaminants as a reverse osmosis system, including 99.8% of PFA, one of the most impressive PFA removal numbers in existence today. Installing and maintaining PFA water filters is something that can't be avoided, but some filters are much easier to install and maintain than others. According to a Duke University study, most carbon filters in jugs, refrigerators and whole-house filter systems don't eliminate PFAS, and some even make them worse. Not all water filters are guaranteed to lower PFA levels, so it's important to compare prices and read guides like this one before investing in the best filter to remove PFA.

The EveryDrop 10383251 filter is NSF certified, so you can use it with confidence in your GE refrigerator.

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